Monday, February 16, 2015

Julia Claspil McCleery

Julia Claspil McCleery

For week 3 the suggested theme was Tough Woman, it was suggest this could be because the women herself was tough, or because researching her was tough.  While I suspect that this woman was very tough indeed. Julia Claspil McCleery is my 4th great grandmother and is the mother of Week 1's relative Melissa McCleery Richards

Here is what I know about Julia. Her adulthood was difficult, her husband served throughout the Civil War, leaving her to care for three young children, then shortly after returning from the war, her husband was murdered. Three years after that her son died. Her youngest daughter (Melissa, referenced above) moved from Fort Wayne Indiana to West Virginia.  In 1875 she was living in Ft. Wayne and working as a domestic. In 1880 Julia married John Hutzell. 

William and Julia's Marriage License

Fort Wayne City Directory 1875

John and Julia's marriage license

Everything I know about Julia is from the time of her marriage to William J. McCleery in 1853 until her death in 1898. I know nothing else about her except that she was born in Ireland. Her death certificate did not list her parents names and I can't find when she came to the U.S. or anything else that happened to her before her marriage to William.

Her death record does not list her parents

Her obituary says nothing of note, except how she died, in fact it doesn't even get her children correct.

I'm completely stumped as to how to go back any further from Julia, and of course because I have this major brick wall I am that much more interested in breaking down the wall and finding out more about Julia and taking her line back further!